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General Hospital: #12788

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Patrick is surprised after Britt tells him that she is going to have an abortion. Spinelli pays Heather a visit needing her help to try and find Lauren Frank. Kate asks Sonny if he was expecting to see her or Connie. Lulu refuses to leave with Dante and her parents as she has no clue who they are. Sabrina and Felix discuss her relationship with Patrick. Dante is left feeling shocked after Lulu tells him that he isn't her husband because Stavros is. A.J. tells Tracy that Spinelli is looking for the Quartermaine heir. Kate tells Sonny that she is now integrated but has to stay away from him incase she relapses. Dr. Kelly Curtis pays Nikolas a visit to ask him some questions. Epiphany then shows up and informs him that she's a reporter and not a doctor. Tracy ends up deciding to hand over the reigns of E.L.Q. to A.J and start her own company. Luke wants Lulu to come home with them where she'll be safe. Heather wants Spinelli to give her son a letter if she agrees to help him. Patrick tells Sabrina about Britt's decision to have an abortion. Sonny kisses Kate before she leaves.