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General Hospital: #12789

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Lucy informs Rafe that she is petitioning the court to become his legal guardian, and continues that they will be staying in Port Charles with Kevin. Ellie is accused by Maxie of spying on her at the hospital. Olivia informs Sonny that she has heard from their son and that he, Luke and Laura are bringing Lulu back to Port Charles. Carly finds out that Kate has broken up with Sonny. Sam learns from Spinelli that he is looking for Franco's daughter. Michael thinks that he and A.J. should attempt to make their own version of Pickle-Lila. Ellie hears Britt telling Maxie that her pregnancy has nothing to do with her secret. Spinelli informs A.J. that he needs to talk to Franco's mother. The judge refuses Lucy's petition to become Rafe's legal guardian. Ellie goes to see Spinelli to talk to him about what she overheard. Rafe doesn't want to return to the place he has been staying. Lucy thinks that Sam should become Rafe's legal guardian. Kate has her old Crimson sign put back up in her old office. Carly goes to see Sonny to tell him about Michael and Brenda and discovers that he already knows about it. Shawn offers A.J. and Micheal use of the kitchen as Brenda shows up.