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General Hospital: #12790

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Carly wonders why Sonny wouldn't want Brenda dead after taking advantage of their son. Elizabeth lets Nikolas know that Lulu is on her way back to Port Charles and as they share an embrace A.J. shows up. Olivia doesn't understand why Connie would walk away from Sonny after he stood by her through everything. Sam tells her mother that she can handle Rafe coming to live with her and Danny. Brenda is upset after she learns Michael told Sonny about what happened and wonders how he reacted. Olivia attempts to convince Connie not to give up Sonny. A.J. tells that Nikolas that he and Elizabeth are seeing one another. Elizabeth returns and wonders what is going on. Carly attempts to convince Sonny that Brenda could take advantage of Michael again. Sam takes Rafe back to her place welcoming him to his new home. Brenda tells Michael that she has a confession to make.