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General Hospital: #12796

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Johnny informs Connie that he wants to try and protect Carly not get back together with her. T.J. shares some good news with Shawn. Sam shares her concerns with her mother regarding Rafe. Emma wonders Sabrina what she's doing here instead of being out on a date with Patrick. Sonny wants to forget his birthday because last year Connie made him think she had slept with Johnny. Patrick tries to find out from Britt the reason she wants a termination. After TJ asks to borrow some money, Shawn tells him that he will have to earn it by working some extra shifts. Connie learns from Johnny that he has discovered that Morgan is addicted to online gambling and is in serious trouble. Rafe surprises Molly when he attempts to kiss her and she lets him know that she sees him as a just a friend. A.J. has a panic attack whilst clashing with Sonny. Connie wonders why Johnny told hasn't told Carly and he informs her she won't take his calls. Johnny wants her to tell Carly and informs her he won't stand in her way in getting a divorce and everything that he has is hers. Connie agrees to tell Carly. Patrick tells Britt that he will be there for the baby if she decides to keep it. Connie shows up at the Metro Court to see Carly. Patrick finds Sabrina asleep on the sofa when he returns home and informs her that Britt has decided to keep the baby. Britt reveals to the nurse that she was never intending on having an abortion after she is asked if she would like to reschedule her appointment.