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General Hospital: #12798

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Milo pulls away from kiss with Lulu and reminds her that she is married to Dante. After Dante shows up, Lulu tells him that she is fine and attempts to close the door on him, but he stops her. Lulu refuses to return home with him and Dante realizes that she spent the night in Milo’s apartment and hits him. Lulu defends Milo and demands Dante says sorry to him. After Lulu once again refuses to go home with him, Dante comes up with the idea of staying at Milo's place as well. Spinneli shows his card to Betsy at her cabin and tells her that he is looking for information on Franco’s Quatermaine connection. He continues that Franco’s daughter is entitled to Franco’s share of the family fortune. She ends up giving him an address that is a few years old and after Spinelli leaves, she tells someone they can come out now. Ellie is shocked to learn that Maxie had a miscarriage and admits to Maxie that she hacked into her medical records. Ellie ends up realizing that Maxie is now pregnant with Spinelli’s baby. Elizabeth pulls away from the kiss with Nikolas and attempts to remind him how devastated Lucky was when they were together. Nikolas insists that there are no more obstacles in their way and they can finally be together. After Elizabeth leaves, Nikolas fantasizes about sleeping with her. Things heat up between A.J. and Carly and after they make love they regret it and swear each other not to tell anyone what happened. Carly hides under the covers while A.J. talks to his mother after she knocks on the door. Monica is over the moon when she thinks that A.J. has Elizabeth with him but is later shocked when she shows up at the house.