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General Hospital: #12799

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Monica attempts to stop Elizabeth from going up to see A.J. Maxie is able to stop Ellie from telling Spinelli about the baby. Nikolas tells his mother that Elizabeth was here but she left after he kissed her. Carly warns A.J. that Elizabeth is here and is making her way up to see him. When Lulu goes to the Floating Rib, Dante follows her and mentions the time when they first met. Maxie wants Ellie to hear her out before telling Spinelli about the baby. Monica is shocked to discover that it was Carly who was in her son's room with him. Elizabeth tells A.J. that she wants to give their relationship another chance. Lulu remembers something. Max returns to discover Milo gone and realizes that he went to find Lulu. After Milo shows up, Lulu leaves with him after Dante promises her that he won't give up on her. Monica tells Carly to leave and to stay away from A.J. After Elizabeth leaves, Monica issues a warning to her son.