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General Hospital: #12800

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Sonny and Shawn show up at Morgan's college in Nashvile and talk to the Dean. Olivia pays Johnny a visit. A.J. goes to see Carly after they accidentally managed to swap phones last night. Nikolas learns from Tracy that Duke has managed to get the Pickle-Lila recipe featured on The Chew and Nikolas has an idea in how to get them on the show instead. Felix informs Sabrina that Britt never intended on having the abortion and everything was just an act. Sonny and Shawn go into Morgan's dorm room where they see his roommate Travis holding a gun. Olivia receives more information about Morgan from Johnny. After Carly gets her phone back she sees that Sonny has been trying to contact her. Travis tells Sonny that he thought he was one of the people Morgan owes money to and explains what has been going on. Johnny quizzes Olivia to try and find out if anything is going on between her and Sonny now that Steve and Connie are both out of the picture. Olivia insists that she and Sonny are just friends. Carly calls Sonny and learns what has been going on. Nikolas informs Tracy that he was unable to get A.J. off the show, but has managed to get them on as well to take part in a surprise taste off. A.J. wants Elizabeth to go to New York with him. Travis tells Sonny that he might now where Morgan has gone. Sabrina confronts Britt about faking her morning sickness as Patrick enters the room.