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General Hospital: #12801

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Patrick wants to know why Sabrina is shouting at Britt and she tells him that says she is faking things. A.J. wants Elizabeth to go with him to New York when he and Michael show off the new Pickle-Lila on The Chew. Maxie wants to know what Ellie is going to do with information that she has discovered. Luke informs Tracy that Lauren Frank is in New York. Dante fills Maxie in on what happened with Lulu and tells her that he believes a visit from her could help his wife. Lulu has another momentary flashback after Nikolas shows up to see her. Dante and Maxie go to see Lulu. Nikolas learns that Elizabeth will be going to New York with A.J. and where she will be staying. Patrick tells Britt that some tests say she has a condition which could jeopardize both her and the baby. Lulu feels Maxie's baby move and Dante tells her it is their child causing her to have another flashback. Maxie invites Lulu to go along to her doctor's appointment with her hoping that she will remember more. Nikolas tells Tracy to change their travel reservations. Britt pays off a lab tech for his help. Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie had a miscarriage.