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General Hospital: #12802

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After Molly manages to solve a puzzle, it ends up being an invitation from T.J. to go to the prom with him. Ellie imagines what might happen if she told Spinelli the truth about Maxie's baby and ends up telling him that Maxie got implanted with another embryo. Lucy believes that Kevin might be able to help Lulu by putting her under hypnosis. Rafe admits to Sam that he is in love with her sister. Laura and Luke talk about their relationship. Dante quizzes Lulu if she has remembered anything important after she has another flashback but she says that it is nothing. T.J. texts Rafe using Molly's phone and when he shows up he punches him. Laura tells Scott that she is finally ready to set a date for their wedding. Ellie tells Maxie that she has decided not to tell Spinelli the truth about the baby. Spinelli and Luke travel to different locations hoping to locate Lauren Frank. As she lights a candle for Jason, Sam feels like that she is being watched.