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General Hospital: #12803

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Luke meets a woman, who is revealed as being Ava Jerome, who had a daughter with Franco. Tracy and Nikolas make their way to New York where Tracy is looking forward to beating A.J. in the competition. Sonny fills Carly and Michael in on what Travis told him about Morgan. Spinelli informs Lauren that the person who hired him is her uncle and he tells her about her birthright as a Quartermaine. Spinelli wants her to sign a proxy document. Tracy learns from Nikolas that A.J. and Elizabeth are staying at the same hotel as them. Sam hears another noise whilst at the church with Danny, and after her mother shows up she asks her if she was watching them earlier. Olivia offers Sonny her support as he continues to try and find Morgan. Michael tells A.J. that he can't go to New York with him because Morgan is still missing. Elizabeth discovers Nikolas in her room and demands to know what he's doing there. A.J. accuses Tracy of following him and refuses to allow her to ruin his opportunity when he goes on The Chew. A mysterious person shows up after Alexis and Sam leave the church. Lauren admits to Spinelli that she lied and continues that she isn't really Lauren and Luke paid her to pretend to be her. Ava tells her guest to come out who is revealed to be Morgan.