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General Hospital: #12806

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Michael discovers his brother badly beaten on the floor and then asks him how he is going to pay off his debts. Nikolas assures A.J. that Tracy won't ruin things for him onThe Chew. Felix shares his theory with Sabrina that Britt and Brad are in cahoots and continues that he needs her help to prove it. One of Nikolas' men catches up with Tracy in the hotel lobby. Sonny tries to get more information on Morgan. Sonny receives a text message from Olivia who informs him that there's trouble at Crimson. Michael tells his mother that he took Morgan to the hospital. Britt tells Patrick that she thinks Sabrina is up to something. Tracy and A.J.'s relish is tasted by the panel on The Chew but they become ill as the winner is about to be announced. Sonny and Shawn show up telling the men not to make a move. Sam runs into a doctor who looks like somebody she knows. Patrick tells a surprised Sabrina that Britt is going to be moving in with him. Michael run into a young girl as he shows up at the place his brother is staying at. A.J. argues with Tracy as somebody watches what is going on at the studio.