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General Hospital: #12810

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The mystery man reads an article on his tablet titled Hellish Relish aboard a flight. Luke wants Mac to get him another drink at The Floating Rib but Mac refuses and reminds him about the intervention. Felicia is surpisied when she finds an engagement ring that Mac has planted and he then gets down on one knee and proposes. After agreeing to marry him they share a kiss. AJ talks to Elizabeth on the telephone and she tells him to stop worrying and wonders if it really was his relish that made her ill. Tracy grabs the phone away from AJ wanting to speak to Elizabeth. AJ grabs the telephone back and promises to call her later. A furious Tracy shows him the Hellish Relish article and advises him to distribute a press release. AJ decides to tell Elizabeth the truth about what happened with Carly and leaves. Tracy is surprised when Luke shows up. After talk they end up sharing a kiss. Nikolas and Spencer bring flowers for Elizabeth and he invites her to Laura's wedding. AJ shows up and wonders why Nikolas is there. Elizabeth accepts the invitation for her and a date to go to the wedding. AJ then agrees to go with her. The children comes downstairs after Nikolas leaves stopping AJ from telling Elizabeth about what happened between him and Carly. On the Haunted Star, Lulu asks Dante what happened before their first kiss. Lulu has a flashback of being dragged aboard the Haunted Star as thay are about to share a kiss. Her telephone rings and her mother invites her to the wedding at Wyndemere. Scott waits for Lesley's blessing to marry her daughter. After Lesley gives her blessing, Scott informs Laura that there is a problem and they might not be able to get married.