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General Hospital: #12825

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Laura returns home from her honeymoon after receiving a message that her daughter has got her memory back. Carly shows Franco the thing he sent her, and wants a reassurance he won't come after her or anyone else close to her. Patrick and Sabrina enjoy their date at the Metro Court as Olivia and Connie watch on. Alexis fills Shawn in on everything that has happened. Britt admits to Felix that it's because of her mother that she is the way she is. Shawn receives a call from Carly who informs him that the hit on Franco is back on. Whe nhe asks her if Sonny agrees with her, Carly lies that he does. Sonny tals to Dnte about how today is Connie's birthday and how crazy it makes him feel that they aren't gogether. Shawn tells Alexis he needs to leave as he has some business he needs to attend to. Patrick receives a couple of ideas from Sabrina to prove that the baby that Britt is carrying is really his. Shawn gets ready to take Franco out as he talks on the terrace with Carly. Connie wonders what Carly is up to as Sonny shows up with a gift for her. Felix lets Britt know that he intends to expose her lies. Patrick and Sabrina share a kiss. Sonny goes onto the terrace and Olivia has a vision which features him with a bloody shirt. Olivia rushes on to the terrace thinking Franco is going to have him killed. As she shows up and pushes Sonny out of the way a shot is fired.