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General Hospital: #12826

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Sabrina returns home with Patrick following the conclusion of their night out. Shawn is shocked to see that Olivia got shot instead of Franco. A.J. pays Elizabeth a visit and she informs him Danny was brought into the hospital. Anna tells Duke that Robin wanted Patrick to be happy. Anna needs Duke to look after Emma when she is called to attend a crime scene. Nikolas lets A.J. know that he knows the truth about what happened be him and Carly. Dante is shocked to discover that his mother has been shot after he shows up at the crime scene with Anna. When Patrick asks Sabrina to stay over, she asks him if he is sure as it is the place he shared his life with Robin. Maxie has dinner with Lulu. Alexis asks Shawn what kind of job he did for Sonny tonight. Shawn wonders why she is asking him. A.J. attempts to deny anything happened between him Carly. Nikolas informs him that Tracy has proof but continues that he won't tell Elizabeth because unlike him he doesn't want to hurt her. Sonny tries to find out from Elizabeth if Olivia is going to be OK and he goes to see her. Patrick tells Sabrina about the DVD that Robin made and they end up sharing a kiss. Anna wants to see the hotel's security video footage. Patrick takes Sabrina to his bedroom. Anna discovers a shell casing in the room Shawn fired the shot. Connie seees Sonny kiss Olivia on the head. Nikolas refuses to give A.J. the tape of him confessing what happened between him and Carly and tells him that it is his insurance policy. Carly calls Shawn to ask him what went wrong. Franco asks Carly who she was talking to and continues that he knows she is responsible for what happened.