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General Hospital: #12827

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Dante is shown by Anna the shell casing she discovered under one of the chairs. Molly sees Taylor and T.J. together and leaves after Taylor spots her. Patrick learns that Sabrina is not a virgin. Connie hears Sonny telling Olivia to fight because she has a son and a reason to live. Franco is certain that Carly was planning for him to be taken out. Sonny is furious with Shawn and wants answers from Carly after learning that she told Shawn he put the hit on Franco back on. Molly tells her mother that she has decided not to go to the prom and uses Danny's condition as an excuse. Anna quizzes Franco about the shooting. Dante urges his mother to fight. Molly informs her mother about Rafe thinking of her more then just a friend and how she doesn't want to lead him him on. She also tells her that T.J. is seeing somebody else. A.J. and Taylor end up being semi dressed after they attempt to repair a leak. Patrick and Sabrina make love as their relationship moves on to the next level. Alexis informs Shawn that she knows he lied to her. Dante asks his father if he was the intended target and when Anna shows up she thinks Franco was the target. Anna wants to talk to Sonny at the police station.