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General Hospital: #12828

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Silas is stopped by Sam from looking at her son's medical test results. Dante sits by his mother's bedside and urges her to open her eyes. Anna wants to know why Sonny targeted Franco. Shawn confronts Carly and wants to know why she lied and used him and continues that it won't be long before everybody knows the truth. Sonny informs Anna that he didn't tell anybody to kill Franco. Silas attempts to get Sam ready for the inevitable. After talking with Franco, Alexis comes to a realization about Shawn. Diane talks to Alexis about Rafe's custody battle and learns about Danny's illness. Sonny threatens Carly. Lulu overhears them arguing. Anna quizzes Shawn on his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Sam gets confirmation from Patrick that Danny does have leukemia. Shawn refuses to say anything without having a lawyer present. Lulu tells Dante about Sonny and Carly's argument. Sonny warns Franco to stay away from Olivia.