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General Hospital: #12829

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Tracy discovers Luke drinking. When Franco shows up at the Quartermiane mansion, Alice refuses to allow him inside. T.J. informs Shawn that the prom has been called off because of the shooting at the Metro Court last night. A.J. is able to persuade Michael to talk with Lauren to try and get her to vote with him and not Tracy. Franco tells his daughter that he wants to bond with her. Rafe shows up to pick up Molly before she can call him and let him know the prom has been cancelled. Tracy realizes that Luke is avoiding going to get his test results at the hospital and thinks that he is a coward. Morgan uses his brother's credit card to continue with his online poker game. Alice shows up at the apartment. Rafe learns from Alexis that the judge has granted Silas guardianship and he will have to leave Port Charles. Molly asks her mother if they can appeal the decison and she replies that while they do Rafe will still have to go stay with Silas. T.J. lets Taylor know that the prom has been cancelled and he decides to still take her out. Alexis confronts Shawn and infroms him that she knows that he was the one who attempted to kill Franco. Morgan realizes that Alice has taken him to the Quartermaine's and she tells him that this will be his new home. Michael comforts Kiki after she shows up at the apartment looking for Morgan. Luke makes an appointment to see his doctor.