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General Hospital: #12832

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Silas shows up early to pick up Rafe, before he can have a prorper chance to say goodbye and Lucy is not happy. T.J. can not get off his mind the kiss he saw Molly and Rafe sharing. Ellie and Spinelli attempt to find the file that Brad has on Britt. Tracy learns from Luke that he is going to see his doctor so that he can find out about his test results. Felix is furious with his sister for failing to return home all night. Shawn learns from T.J. that he slept with Taylor last night. Taylor is offered by Britt some relationship advice. Sabrina attempts to convince Patrick to have a DNA test performed. Brad shows up and realizes that Ellie has fallen into his trap and says she is fired. Spinelli says that he will expose the secret he and Britt are keeping if he fires Ellie. Alexis runs into Tracy and Luke at the hospital and tells them about Danny's condition. Ellie agrees to help Patrick and Sabrina with the paternity test. Shawn talks to T.J. about the problems of underage drinking. Brad gives Britt the file. Molly is pleased when she finds out that Silas has had a change of heart about taking Rafe away from Port Charles. Sam is surprised to see Silas at the hospital.