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General Hospital: #12833

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Michael decides to go for a run in an effort to get his mind of Kiki. Molly is pleased that Silas has allowed Rafe to continue to stay with her sister. After Anna shows up, Sonny wants to know if she has come to arrest him. Dante informs him that he's the one that called her to help work out who shot Olivia. Sam learns from Silas that she is the reason that he has decided to allow Rafe to remain in Port Charles. Michael informs his mother that Kiki is a Quartermaine and she and Morgan are now living at the mansion. Duke quizzes Ava as he asks her if she is related to the Jerome crime family. Dante tells Anna that he thinks that Carly played a part in the shooting. Sonny and Connie are there as Olivia starts to wake up. Silas tells Sam he believes that there's a better way to treat her son's leukemia. Carly learns from Shawn that he has told Alexis the truth about the shooting and that he has decided that he is going to turn himself in. Michael goes to to see his brother but ends up getting an eyeful after discovering Kiki in the boathouse.