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General Hospital: #12834

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Dante learns that the weapon that shot his mother has been discovered. Michael is furious with his brother for stealing and using his credit card. Kiki is also not happy that Morgan has started gambling again. Elizabeth wants Nikolas to respect her relationship with A.J. Franco enjoys reading that E.L.Q stock is loosing value. Duke warns A.J. about Ava. Alexis wants Sonny to be honest about him about what has been going on. Dante wants to be in the interrogation room with Anna as she questions Carly about the shooting. Ava informs Franco that she knows that he tainted both relishes and that she also has proof. Morgan hears Ava telling Franco she wants a cut to keep quiet about what she knows. Cameron accidently hears the recording of A.J.'s confession about sleeping with Carly after he fixes Nikolas' phone for him. Shawn shows up at the police station. Carly tells Shawn that he doesn't have to confess. Dante announces that the bullet which hit his mother didn't come from that gun.