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General Hospital: #12835

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Carly and Shawn are left feeling stunned after Dante informs them that the bullet that hit his mother didn't match the ones found in the rifle. Kiki makes it clear to Michael that nothing can ever happen between them. Franco sees Morgan listening in on his and Ava's conversation. Luke is informed by Dr. Beckett that there is nothing wrong with his liver, but continues that there is something else wrong with him which is destroying his body. Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that he planned on using A.J. confession to break her and A.J. up. Shawn finds the bullet that he fired and he and Carly are relieved that they are in the clear. Lucy has a business proposal to share with Laura on how to revive her company Deception. Elizabeth leaves the children with Nikolas after she receives a call from A.J. asking her if she is still free to meet him. Anna is convinced that Carly was involved in the shooting and Dante tells her that Shawn was about to confess but she stopped him. Ava and Franco reach an agreement.