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General Hospital: #12836

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Tracy thinks that Luke should take things easy for a while after what Dr. Beckett has had just told him. Ava tries to find out from Franco who he believes attempted to eliminate him. Alexis talks to Nikolas about her problems with Shawn and how she feels about him taking over the role that Jason played in Sonny's life. A.J. attempts to explain the phone recording to Elizabeth, but she refuses to listen to him. Luke receives a gift basket with a DVD that has a message from Helena saying she is responsible for the toxin inside his body. Shawn informs Sonny that there is some new evidence that exonerates both him and Carly from the shooting. Nikolas informs Alexis that Elizabeth knows that A.J. cheated on her. Elizabeth works out that it was Carly who was upstairs in his room the night she came over to the house to see him. Connie asks Olivia if she has feelings for Sonny. Luke is given the chance to try and reverse the effects of the poison if he can figure it out. A.J. attempts to convince Elizabeth not to give up on their relationship and she tells him she needs some time to think. Sonny shows up as Olivia and Connie are talking and he promises that he will make sure whoever is responsible for the shooting will pay.