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General Hospital: #12838

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Anna agrees to try and help Luke find a cure for his illness. Lulu asks Maxie if something happened between her and Spinelli. After learning from Shawn that T.J. went to check on her because of Danny, Molly decides to talk to him. Britt wants to see the paternity test results. Sam learns from Silas that her son isn't out of the woods yet, and he might need a bone marrow transplant from a relative in order to pull through. Anna finds out that Jerry Jacks' poisoning is the same as Luke's. Luke believes that if he can find Jerry then he will discover the cure. Molly and T.J. decide to give their relationship another chance. Taylor tells Molly that she slept with T.J. Ellie reveals to Patrick that he is the father of Britt's baby. Britt receives a text message from her mother saying she told her that everything was going to be fine.