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General Hospital: #12839

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T.J.'s pleased that he and Molly are back together and Shawn asks him if he is going to sort things out with Taylor. Molly thinks that Taylor is lying after she tells her that she and T.J. had sex. T.J. is forced to tell Molly the truth after she confronts him. Alexis wants to bet tested to be a bone marrow transplant candidate for Danny. When Shawn shows up, Sam and Rafe leave. Shawn tells her that there's been a development in the shooting. Rafe hears an upset Molly crying. Ava remembers trying to shoot Franco. Kiki shows up and attempts to leave after she sees her parents. Ava stops her and Kiki reveals that she knows they made a deal. Ava attempts to convince her that it has nothing to do with ELQ. Franco tells her that they are getting back together leaving Kiki in a state of disbelief. Carly shows up wanting to take Morgan home with her. Morgan refuses to leave without Kiki. Carly's surprised to learn that he owes Michael money and he attempts to cover. Carly is surprised to discover that Morgan knows about what happened to Michael in prison. Carly sees Franco kissing Ava. Franco tells Carly that unless she agrees to let Morgan stay he'll tell him she tried to kill him. Olivia wants to believe Sonny had nothing to do with her shooting. Luke collapses in his room and after Tracy shows up she manages to bribe a maid to open his door after there's no answer. After he recovers, Tracy attempts to convince him to start his treatment but he's ready to go find Jerry Jacks. After Lulu shows up, Luke warns Tracy not to tell her about his condition.