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General Hospital: #12855

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Carly insists to Franco that Danny needs to be taken back to the hospital. Alexis and Nikolas discover that Danny is missing from his room. Monica attempts to reassure Sam that if Franco really does believe that he's Jason then he wouldn't do anything to put Danny in danger. Rafe informs Molly that he has an idea to work out all the people her mother knew who's name began with a "J". After Taylor asks somebody to buy her a drink, T.J. informs the man that she is underage. Laura learns from Tracy that Helena poisoned Luke, and he left town to find somebody he believes has the cure. Elizabeth calls Carly's phone and then informs Dante that Franco is at the bridge. After Franco points the gun at himself Carly attempts to talk him down as Sam, Silas and Dante show up. Sam is reunited with her son. Dante tells Franco to drop the gun and tells carly to get out of the way. After Laura decides to go after Luke, Tracy wonders how Scott will feel about it. Rafe takes Molly to the Floating Rib, but after seeing T.J. and Taylor hugging, Molly wants him to take her somewhere else. Carly is able to talk Franco down and he breaks down in her arms.