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General Hospital: #12857

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Taylor goes out Britt out for breakfast, and informs her that T.J. has told her he just want to be friends. Ava admits to Tracy she did attempt a takeover coup, but failed and has come up with a different plan. Felix tells Michael the only way to get Brad to open up is for him to try and seduce him. Carly lets her son know that there is no way she is going to let him marry Kiki. T.J. attempts to convince Molly not to give up on their relationship. Silas informs Sam that he was unable to stop Franco from having the surgery. Silas comforts Sam after she breaks down. Elizabeth attempts to warn Nikolas that being around Britt could could him trouble. Nikolas just thinks that she is jealous. Ava is confronted by Carly who is determined to discover the truth about what she is hiding.