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General Hospital: #12858

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A.J. wonders what is going on when Elizabeth pays him an early visit. Britt and Nikolas share an intimate conversation. Carly wants Sonny to help her stop Morgan and Kiki from getting married. As Silias informs Kiki that there is a mistake in her records, Ava shows up and tells her that she is needed at a meeting. Tracy enjoys waving Franco's proxy in A.J.'s face. Alice lets it slip to Silas that Kiki is actaully older then Ava said she was. Alice slips to Silas who finds out that Kiki is older then Ava said she was. Silas attempts to get the truth out of Morgan. Felix quizzes Brad about the paternity of Brit's baby. Connie informs Sonny that there is a chance that she could lose control of her magazine. Tracy is not happy after she fails to gain control of E.L.Q. Carly sees Patrick after he comes out of surgery. Brad tells Felix that if he really wants to know the truth about the baby then he needs to talk to Britt's mother. Lisa shows up to see her daughter.