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General Hospital: #12867

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Kiki wants to know why Morgan is suddenly in such a rush to get married. Olivia learns from Sonny that Connie has betrayed him and he shows her the newspaper. Silas tells Ava to kill him here and now if hf she wants him to stay away from Kiki. A.J. asks Connie if Sonny is behind the story being printed. Mac and Felicia believe that there is a reason why Morgan does not want Kiki to know the truth about who she really is. Ava shows up looking for her daughter and Michael shows her the newspaper. It is soon worked out that Tracy is the person who took the birth certificate from her bedroom. Silas informs Sam that he was right all along about Kiki really being his daughter. Sonny shows up and points a gun at A.J. warning him to let go of Connie.