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General Hospital: #12869

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Anna learns from Duke that he could of lost his job courtesy of Ava. Lisa decides to put an end to Faison's love for Anna by eliminating her. Luke finds out that Sean is suffering with the same symptoms as him. Ava admits the truth to Silas that he is really Kiki's father. Dante and Lulu attend Maxie's lamaze class with her. Morgan reveals to a stunned Michael that he and Kiki are married. Kiki ends up asking Morgan if he knew all along that Franco wasn't her father, but he manages to spin things around. Spinelli tells Felix that's he discovered some information about Britt's mother and that she did some experiments on live patients. Luke and Sean decide to work together to try and get the cure from Jerry. Britt tells Patrick that there's something important that she needs to tell him. Lisa wears a disguise as she prepares to eliminate Anna.