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General Hospital: #12870

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Britt nearly tells Patrick the truth about the baby, but she begins to experience some sharp pains. Sabrina calls Patrick wondering where he is. Lucy explains to Kevin the reason they are not best man and maid of honor at the wedding is because he he is not reliable. Maxie serenades Mac and her mother as their pre-wedding party gets underway. Lisa watches what is going on at the party and spikes Anna's drink with poison. Dante and Lulu perform some karaoke at the party. Duke starts to feel a little woozy after drinking some champagne, and goes outside to for some fresh air. Britt admits to Patrick that she faked her illness and he asks her if there is anything else she wants to tell him. After seeing Anna talking with Lucy, Lisa slips away unseen. Britt begins to think that maybe things with Patrick could work out. Anna finds Duke passed out outside The Floating Rib.