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General Hospital: #12872

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Lulu shares her concerns about Maxie with Dante but he receives a call from Anna calling him away. Duke insists to Anna that Dr. Obrecht is in Port Charles. Maxie attempts to get Mac and her mother finally remarried. Patrick informs Sabrina that he recognizes the woman in the picture at the airport. Lulu talks to Felicia and tells her that she feels Maxie is becoming too attached to the baby. Luke and Holly show up at the hideout of Jerry Jacks. Felix and Spinelli inform Anna that Dr. Obrecht is Britt's mother. Anna and Dante want Britt to open the door as they know her mother inside. The wedding gets underway. Luke and Holly discover a locked door hidden behind a bookcase. Luke kicks the door down. Dante breaks down Britt's door. Somebody unexpected shows up at the wedding.