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General Hospital: #12873

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Richard Simmoms is revealed as the person who has interrupted Felicia and Mac's wedding, leaving Lucy furious. Connie informs Kevin that she feel like she has destroyed her relationship with Sonny. Dante and Anna inform Britt that her mother is a criminal who kept Duke hostage. Sonny informs Olivia that even though he saved Connie from A.J., nothing has changed. Luke meets Dr. Obrecht. Lucy accepts Richard's apology and the wedding gets underway once again. Britt is arrested. Luke wants Holly to keep an eye on Dr. Obrecht whilst he goes look for Jerry. Lisa tells Holly that Luke's condition is dire. Holly threatens her and watns to know what she did to Robert. Lisa tells her that he knew too much and had to be silenced. Luke hears a nosie behind a door and after going down some stairs sees something. Felicia and Mac celebrate their marriage. Maxie informs Lulu that her waters have just broke.