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General Hospital: #12874

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Ellie says sorry to Spinelli for missing the wedding after she shows up late. Maxie tells Lulu that she isn't joking about having the baby right now. Dr. Obrecht tells Holly that she will have Robert woken up and then she'll have all the answers. Tracy tells A.J. to enjoy his time in her office because it'll be the last chance that he gets. Anna quizzes Britt. Dante receives a message from his wife telling him what has happened. Connie asks Sonny if he would rather be with Olivia instead of her. Laura informs Luke that Jerry tied her up and they then discover Holly on the floor passed out. When A.J. witnesses Elizabeth with Nikolas he storms off and Elizabeth takes off after him. Ellie thinks that Spinelli should go to the hospital so that he can be there for Maxie. Nikolas goes to see Britt. A.J. goes to the Floating Rib in an effort to drown his sorrows. Lulu and Dante learn from Maxie's doctor that there's a problem.