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General Hospital: #12876

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Luke and Laura show up at the hospital and Sonny informs them that there's a complication with the baby. Michael tells his mother that he needs to find A.J. before he does something he will regret. A.J. wants to know why if Elizabeth cares about him so much then why did he see her in Nikolas' arms. Ava is surprised to learn that her daughter and Morgan are married. Maxie is about to admit the truth about the baby to Spinelli as the doctor announces that she has to deliver the baby straight away. Tracy urges Connie to fight for Sonny. Carly attempts to convince Morgan once again to tell Kiki the truth. Luke asks Sonny to keep an eye on his daughter and the baby once he's gone. Elizabeth slaps A.J. after he blames her for Jake's death. Dante informs everybody that the baby has been born. Kiki pays Franco another visit and notices that he's not in his hospital room. A.J. takes a gun out of the safe. Maxie flatlines shortly after giving birth to the baby.