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General Hospital: #12877

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Maxie suffers an out of body experience. Connie overhears Derek talking and then asks him who Julian is. He manages to cover by saying that Julian is an artist that Ava is currently working with. Ellie learns from Spinelli that Maxie was about to tell him something important before she was rushed into the operating room. A.J. visualizes Michael and Sonny in front of him telling to go ahead and end things. Georgie guides her sister through the hospital, visiting all the people that really care about her. Sam learns from Ellie that a match has been found for Danny. Lulu tells her father that she had faith that he would show up in time to see his grandchild. Elizabeth learns from Michael that A.J. has taken a taxi back to the Quartermaine mansion. Connie works out that Derek is Julian Jerome, and as she makes a call to Sonny to inform him she is interrupted by somebody. Ellie tells Spinelli the the truth about the baby being his and his not Dante and Lulu's.