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General Hospital: #12884

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Felix hopes to get some answers concerning Britt when he goes to see Brad. Morgan discovers a gun on the Quartermaine grounds. Patrick wants Britt to tell him who the real baby's father is if it isn't his. Michael talks to Anna and tells her that he doesn't believe A.J. is the person that shot and killed Connie. Morgan hands over the gun he found and learns that Kiki was at the police station earlier when Michael was there. Dante and Lulu inform Maxie that they know that she came close to breast feeding their child. Sam doesn't know how she can ever repay Derek for helping her and he tells her to look after her son and allow him to become her friend. Britt tells Patrick that Brad is the father of her unborn child. Spinelli says that there is something that he needs to say. Nikolas shows up as Patrick has his hands on Britt and Patrick warns him that she is dangerous. Spinelli tells Maxie infront of Lulu and Dante that she needs to try and distance herself from the baby. After they leave Maxie wants to know why Spinelli didn't tell them the truth about the baby. Morgan is furious with Kiki for going to see his brother and reminds her that she is now his wife. A.J. is arrested by Anna for Connie's murder after his fingerprints are discovered on the gun. As Brad and Patrick grow closer, Patrick shows up and hits Brad. Alexis sees Derek and Sam hugging as he prepares for surgery. Sam kisses Silas as she thanks him for everything that he's done to help her and Danny.