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General Hospital: #12885

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Britt tells Nikolas the truth that about the baby she is expecting and she thinks it would be best if she found somewhere else to stay. Michael shares his theory with Kiki that maybe Morgan framed A.J. because of how they feel about one another. Patrick is furious with Brad who admits to Felix that everything Patrick said was true. Silas admits to Sam that he started to develop feelings for her from the day they first met. Alexis informs Derek that there's something about him that's seems familiar to her. Sabrina learns from Patrick that she was right all along about Britt's baby not being his. Olivia offers Morgan some advice on how to salvage his relationship with his brother. Nikolas tells Britt that she can stay with him and that he isn't going to turn his back on her. Michael opens up to Kiki. Brad and Felix bump into one another at the elevator and Felix says he will take the stairs instead. Patrick doesn't want Sabrina to leave as he worries about how to tell Emma the truth about the baby. They end up sharing a kiss before going to the bedroom. As Kiki attempts to comfort Micheal, he tells her that she should go. Morgan is shown a note by Olivia which says that Sonny has taken off.