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General Hospital: #12889

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Ava and Tracy are shocked that Franco is a free man. Britt realizes that something is wrong with the baby and blames Sabrina. Sam offers Silas some advise regarding Kiki. Carly sees Olivia bringing Sonny home. Felix thinks that Brad needs to step up and be a father to the baby. Brad tells him that he has no emotional connection with the baby. Britt is forced to hand over the baby to Sabrina who promises she will look after him. Ava is told by Franco to pack her bags and get out of his family's house. Carly wants to know if Sonny is OK and Michael wonders what she is doing here. T.J. and Taylor are talking about Molly as she shows up with Rafe. Nikolas promises Britt that Sabrina will take good care of the baby. Sabrina shows up with the baby and runs into Felix who calls pediatrics and asks Brad is he is coming. Morgan tells his father that he feels like Connie's death is all his fault. Franco admits to Tracy that he poisoned her relish to stop Ava from having any sort of hold over him. Silas takes a look at the baby. Molly decides to give T.J. another chance. Carly is surprised to learn that Franco has feeling for her and he becomes determined to prove to her that he is a changed man. Britt is relieved that her baby is alright and that Sabrina managed to get him to the hospital in time. Felix tells Sabrina that he thinks the baby looks nothing like Brad. Olivia gives Sonny a pill to take and tells him that it will help him to feel better. After she leaves the room he throws the pill on the floor.