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General Hospital: #12894

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Sonny insists that Julian is dead after Shawn tells him that he is in charge of the Jerome empire. Silas tells Alexis that he and Sam were making plans to go out to dinner. Kiki informs Morgan that they need to find somewhere new to live as Tracy and Monica are throwing them out. Franco attempts to stall Carly and Felix from entering his hotel room. Alexis is pleased that her daughter and Silas are going out. Julian tells his sister that there is no evidence that he insists so after they hijack Sonny's shipment he will be clueless that they are responsible. Derek isn't happy when he learns that his sister went to see Sonny. Morgan thinks that Kiki should turn to Silas for help in trying to find them somewhere new to live. Franco is able to stop Carly from entering the hotel suite. Olivia is furious after learning Ava wants to throw a party the day of Connie's funeral. Franco informs Heather that she has managed to ruin things between him and Carly. Felix and Carly see Julian and Ava talking. Kiki is surprised after she gets a visit from Silas. Felix and Carly manage to cover after Derek sees them lurking nearby. Kiki tells Ava that she'll attend the party only if Silas is invited as well. Heather leaves as she needs to get back to the mental institute before she is missed. Alexis and Derek talk. Sonny continues not to take his pills.