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General Hospital: #12895

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Dante comforts his mother as she looks at at picture of Connie at the church ahead of her funeral. Anna offers to look after the baby so that Lulu can go to the funeral. Caryl wants Spinelii to find out everything that he can about Derek Wells. Sonny tells Michael that he isn't going to Connie's funeral. Julian wonders why Ava is going to the service. Michael asks Sonny if he has been taking his medication. Ellie tells Maxie that she doesn't regret telling Spinelli the truth about the baby. Anna tells Lulu that she should let Maxie be part of the baby's life. Spinelli tells Carly that when he checked Ava out he could find no connection to the Jerome family and her. Ava lets Carly know about the party and she thinks it is a bad idea. Julian takes a look at Duke's resume. Ava shows up at the church and introuduces herself to Olivia. Dante tells Anna about what Vince told him about Julian still being alive. Julian ends up agreeing to give Duke a job who is still unaware who he really is. After Lulu leaves, Duke shows up and tells Anna about his new job with Derek Wells. Olivia tells Ava that Dante will discover the truth about who killed Connie. Michael attempts to convince Sonny to go to the funeral. Anna tells Duke that Julian Jerome could still be alive. Julian shows up at the service. Sonny shows up with Michael and sits with Olivia.