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General Hospital: #12896

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Ava goes over the list of guests for the party. Rafe shows up at the hospital looking for Silas. Taylor is not happy when Rafe ignores her call. Silas tells Rafe that he would like him to live with him but if he wants to continue living with Sam then it's not a problem. Sam thanks her sister and Nikolas for everything they have done for Danny. Some man shows up looking for Sabrina. Patrick thanks Sabrina for helping him get over everything that has happened with Britt. Emma is not feeling well. Britt and the baby are being discharged as Nikolas shows up and she tells him that she has decided to call the baby Ben. Nikolas wonders she is going to be living. Felix learns the man looking for Sabrina is called Carlos and knows her from the past. Silas opens up to Silas about Kiki being his daughter. Rafe tells Silas about Molly and TJ getting back together. Felix takes Carlos to the hospital where they learn that Sabrina won't be coming to work because she needs to look after Emma. Carlos wonders who Patrick and Emma are. Kiki tells Michael that she doesn't have a problem with him being at the party. Ava tells Morgan that maybe she should tell her daughter the truth about everything. Silas asks Sam to go to the party with him. Sabrina attempts to give Emma some eye drops and resorts to bribery. Carlos attempts to find out more about Patrick. Nikolas finds out that Britt has lied to him about where she will be staying. Sam tells Silas that she can't go to the party with him. Felix warns TJ not to hurt his sister. Rafe reluctantly agrees to go along with Taylor's plan to split up TJ and Molly. Emma is upset that Robin isn't here to make her feel better. Kiki thinks that Michael should ask somebody to go to the party with him. Morgan tells Ava that if she tells Kiki the truth she will loose her. Rafe and Taylor share a kiss in front of Molly and TJ. Nikolas finds Britt and tells her that she will be staying with him. Michael calls Penny and invites her to the party. Ava makes a deal with Morgan as Kiki shows up. Carlos shows up and when Sabrina answers the door he says something in Spanish and kisses her.