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General Hospital: #12897

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Patrick calls Sabrina and he mentions her friend as he leaves her a message. Sabrina pushes Carlos away after he attempts to kiss her. Carly and Michael discuss the party. Julian calls Sam to see how Danny is doing. Olivia and Carly talk about Sonny and Ava. Silas sees Ava at the Metro Court. Max and Shawn discuss the shipment. Carlos attempts to convince Sabrina that he is a changed man and tells her that he still loves her. Sam talks to Patrick about Silas asking her out on a date. Sabrina wants Carlos to stop it and he tells her that she broke up with him and continues to insist that he wants her back. Sonny shows up at the party. Olivia and Carly are concerned about his frame of mind. Julian listens in on Max and Shawn's conversation. Michael introduces Penny to his parents. After arriving at the party Kiki and Morgan share a dance. Kiki and Michael glance at one another. Sabrina tells Carlos that she is not the person she used to be and that she is in love with Patrick. Patrick offers Sam some advise. Carly is convinced that Sonny has not been taking his medication as they share a dance. A furious Sonny ends up dancing with Olivia instead. Patrick tells Sam how wonderful Sabrina is. Carlos ends up agreeing to leave but tells Sabrina he isn't giving up on her. Silas talks to his daughter. Penny decides to leave. Morgan thanks Sonny for keeping his secret. As Sonny flirts with a waitress, Carly tells Olivia that he need to get home as he has not been taking his medications. The boat containing the shipment blows up as Julian continues to listen in on Max and Shawn's conversation. Ava and Silas talk about Kiki and as Ava kisses Silas, Sam shows up. Silas goes after Sam after she leaves. Michael makes a toast. When Patrick returns home, Sabrina mentions Carlos. Carlos is revealed as working for Julian. Sonny insists on making a toast of his own which doesn't go down very well.