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General Hospital: #12898

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Sabrina and Patrick talk about Carlos. Anna shows up at Derek's office where Duke is trying to find out more about him. Silas wants Sam to give him the chance to explain what she saw. Morgan is upset after the truth is revealed by Sonny. Silas attempts to explain the kiss to Sam. Duke tells Anna that everything with Derek seems above board. Anna receives a call about the explosion as the docks and as she leaves Julian and Carlos step out of the elevator. Patrick learns that Sabrina used to date Carlos. Michael is furious after learning the truth. Anna learns that Shawn was found near the scene of the explosion. Julian introduces Carlos to Duke and wonders why Anna was in such a rush to leave. Patrick wants to know why Carlos has suddenly shown up out of the blue. Sam tells Silas about her conversation with Patrick and he then tells her that it was Ava who kissed him. Sonny attempts to explain to Morgan why he had to reveal the truth. Morgan feels like Sonny has betrayed him. Julian wants Carlos to get to know Duke better. Patrick asks Sabrina if Carlos asked her to to get back together with him. Shawn mentions Julian Jerome as he is questioned about the explosion. Julian sends Ava a message and she leaves the party. Morgan accusses Sonny of caring more about Michael than him. Ava listens in as Sam and Silas talk. Michael wants Olivia and Carly to take Sonny home and tells his brother that he doesn't know who he is anymore. Ava interupts Sam and Silas and tells Sam there are some things she should know about Silas. Morgan accusses Michael of wanting to steal Kiki away from him the day he met her. Ava warns Sam that Silas will end up hurting her. Patrick learns from Sabrina that Carlos tried to kiss her and that she told him they were now dating. Morgan tells Kiki that they can still have a future together. Anna talks to Duke about the explosion. Shawn shows up as Olivia leaves. Carly wants to talk to Sonny about Morgan. Kiki wants to end her marriage to Morgan.