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General Hospital: #12900

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Dante and Lulu get ready for the baby to be christened. After Dante gets a newspaper he sees his father on the cover. Julian is pleased as he looks at the newsaper. Carlos sees Sabrina and Patrick talking at the hospital. Kiki and Michael wake up at the Metro Court in the chairs they fell asleep in. When Morgan wakes up, Ava tells him what happened between them is wrong. Carly knocks on the door. Diane shows up to see Franco and informs him that all of his finacial assets have been frozen. Carlos listens in as Sabrina attempts to convince Patrick that it is him that she wants to be with. Shawn sees Alexis talking with Derek. Olivia shows up with a dress for Connie to be christened in. Dante shows her the paper and Olivia informs her son that Sonny doesn't know about the explosion yet and tells him about what happened at the party. Kiki is worried about Morgan. Morgan refuses to hide after Ava tells him that it is mother at the door. Alexis introduces Shawn to Julian and informs him that he is the person who saved Danny's life. Carly lets herself into Ava's hotel room wanting to talk about what happened at the party. Michael tells Kiki that she can move in with him after she mentions that she is now homeless. Kiki explains to Michael why she can't move in with him. Carly thinks that Ava is hiding Franco in her room before Morgan reveals himself. Carly is left feeling shocked after her son tells her that he and Ava slept together. Olivia tells Dante about Sonny not taking his medications. Sabrina goes to see a patient and learns that he is Carlos. Sabrina wants to know why he is at the hospital. Franco decides to create some art to help ease his money problems. Morgan refuses to leave with his mother. Shawn mentions the name Julian Jerome to Alexis. Patrick shows up as Sabrina tends to Carlos' wounds. Carly runs into Franco. Things heat up between Ava and Morgan again. Michael and Kiki show up and see Ava and Morgan in bed together.