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General Hospital: #12901

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Lulu gets out the christening outfit as she receives a visit from Maxie. Dante runs into Spinelli. Carly bumps into Franco. A shocked Kiki asks Morgan what is going on. Sabrina introduces Patrick to Carlos. Dante tells Spinelli about the baby constantly crying. Maxie wondwers where the baby is. Ava wonders what her daughter is doing here and Morgan tells Kiki that he has just slept with her mother. Kiki is shocked by what Morgan has told her and thinks that it is disgusting. Carly tells Franco about what happened between Morgan and Ava. Maxie learns that Dante has taken the baby out for a walk and that she has been suffering with colic. Lulu hopes that Maxie will come to the baby's christening. Dante asks Spinelli to be the baby's godfather. Carlos fails to impress Patrick who lets him know that he knows that he showed upas his his house uninvited and tried to kissed Sabrina. Carlos make it clear to Patrick that he wants Sabrina back and wants to know why Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring. Lulu asks Maxie to be the baby's godmother. Kiki slaps her mother. Carly blames Franco for the turmoil her family are currently in. Kiki tells Ava that she is the worse mother going. Carlos taunts Patrick as Sabrina returns. Sabrina tells him to leave. Morgan tells his brother and Kiki that Ava is the only person who has not betrayed him. Morgan tells Morgan and Kiki to leave. Franco kisses Carly. Sabrina apologizes to Patrick for what Carlos said to him. Both Spinelli and Maxie end up agreeing to be godparents. Kiki tells Morgan and her mother that she is done with both of them before leaving. Carly pulls back and leaves after telling Franco it would be a mistake for her to become involved with him.