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General Hospital: #12902

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Britt watches as Nikolas comforts the baby. Felix continues to refuse to talk to Brad. Olivia listens in as Maxie talks to God at the church before the christening. Tracy goes to see Lulu with a gift for the baby. Ellie listens in as Dante and Spinelli are talking. Tracy isn't impressed by the choice of Spinelli as Godfather. Luke has a coughing fit as he talks to Holly on the phone. Britt and Nikolas talk about Maxie. Brad has a present for Felix who wonders if he has an ulterior motive. After Dante leaves with the baby, Ellie asks Spinelli if he really is going to become the baby's Godfather. Maxie wonders how long Olivia has been in the church. Luke sees a vision of Helena. Nikolas and Britt's conversation moves onto Brad. Brad tells Felix the present is a token of his affection. Olivia tells Maxie about her vision involving her and Lulu. Lulu tells Tracy that she hoped Luke would be at the christening. Luke tells Helena that he killed he so she must be a clone. Britt informs Nikolas that she received a call from her mother and that she hung up on her. Maxie and Spinelli learn that they are both going to be the baby's Godparents. Olivia has a vision involving Luke. Helena attempts to convince Luke that he needs to pass over to the other side. Luke collapses after refusing to die. Tracy is worried about Luke. Britt is glad to have someone like Nikolas looking out for her and Ben. Spinelli and Maxie talk about the secret they are hiding. Brad talks to Ellie about the christening.Tracy tells lulu that she has to leave right after the service. When Luke opens his eyes he looks up and says the word you. Britt discovers her mother holding her son. As the christening gets underway, Brad shows up. Spinelli wonders what he is doing here and he says that he needs to talk to Dante and Lulu.