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General Hospital: #12908

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Sonny wants some answers from Max. Shawn pays Sonny a visit who wants him to find out who is responsible for the explosion. Julian finds out that Ava has checked out of the Metro Court. Luke is surprised to see Tracy. Somebody shows up as Ava and Morgan are talking. Robin manages to overpower Lisa and knocks her out. Anna is shocked by Robert's claims to have seen Robin. Morgan answers the door and it is the removal firm. Julian learns that Ava left with a young man. Carly pays Sonny a visit wanting to talk about Michael and Morgan. Robin attempts to escape with Ben. Anna thinks that Robert must be confused but he insists that Robin is alive. Robin's escape is blocked by Jerry. Carly wants to know if Sonny is back on his medication. Morgan is mistaken for being Ava's son. Anna refuses to believe Robert's claims. Robin threatens to freeze the lab with everyone inside it. Sonny is shocked when Carly tells him that Morgan is with Ava. Julian shows up to see his sister. Morgan giving Julian a look after he mentions Sonny and Julian asks how his father is doing. Tracy is determined to get her hands on the cure that Luke needs. Anna asks Robert if he believes that Faison faked their daughter's death. Robin's plan fails. Sonny is determined to find out who blew up his shipment. Sonny wants Shawn to find out where Ava has moved to. Robert continues to try and convince Anna that their daughter is really still alive. Tracy listens in as Jerry is talking to Robin. Carly pays Julian a visit wanting to know how to find Ava. Anna says it won't be easy to find Lisa and mentions what she did. Anna decides that she needs to pay Faison a visit and refuses to allow Robert to go with her.