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General Hospital: #12910

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Taylor talks to TJ. Rafe and Molly show up to welcome home Danny and they see Silas coming downstairs as he is putting on his shirt. Alexis asks Carly about Lucas. Franco shows up to see Julian. Lulu and Dante give a shocked Maxie and Spinelli the adoption papers. Molly and Rafe wonder if Sam and Silas are getting together and Silas says that he should leave. Franco warns Julian off Carly and tells him that he and Carly have genuine feelings for each other. Taylor talks to TJ about her relationship with Rafe. Molly asks Rafe about her relationship with Taylor. Carly learns from Alexis that Sam and Lucas could be half siblings. Spinellii says that they can't sign the adoption papers. Dante says he knew they wanted the baby back. Maxie admits that she and Spinelli want to raise the baby. Lulu refuses to give them the baby. Molly thinks Rafe's relationship with Taylor is rather sudden. Sam and Silas share a kiss as they have a glass of wine and celebrate Danny's recovery. Dante and Lulu decide to seek help from Alexis. As Carly and Julian are about to have dinner, Franco shows up with Diane. Franco kisses Diane to try and make Carly jealous. Carly ends up kissing Julian. Silas is forced to leave after he is paged by the hospital. Spinelli decides to call Diane for help. Alexis warns Lulu that Maxie has rights as she is the baby's biological mother.