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General Hospital: #12911

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Elizabeth shows Patrick the latest headline featuring A.J. in the newspaper as he encourages Emma to eat her breakfast at Kelly's. Oliva talks to Duke at the Metro Court. Anna shows up at the prison in which Faison is being held. Elizabeth is missing A.J. Emma remembers that today would of been Robin's birthday. Jerry gives Robin a cupcake with a candle on it to help her celebrate her birthday. Olivia and Duke talk about Anna and Robert. Mac goes in to see his brother and wonders where Anna has gone. Anna comes face to face with Faison. Emma has made Robin a birthday card. Faison is pleased to see Anna who tells him that she has something important to ask him. Patrick tells Elizabeth that his connection to Robin feels stronger than ever. Robin wishes that she was back home with Patrick and Emma. Olivia tells Duke about the visions she had involving Faison pretending to be him. Faison admits to Anna that Robin is still arrive after they discuss today being her birthday. Robin hopes to finish the cure today so she can finally go home. Mac shows his brother a DVD of Robin's service feauring all the nice things everybody said about her. Duke tells Olivia that he needs to call Anna as today would of been Robin's birthday. Faison tells Anna that he kept Robin alive for her and that he was helped by Jerry Jacks, Ewen Keenan and Liesl Obrecht. He then tells Anna that he loves her and attempts to kiss her. Patrick talks to Elizabeth about taking off his weddibng ring. Robin tells Jerry that she thinks she has perfected the cure. Olivia has a vision of Faison kissing Anna. Faison tells Anna that she kissed him back. She then removes her face mask and Liesl is revealed. The real Anna shows up at the prison to see Faison.