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General Hospital: #12912

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Duke thinks that Olivia is crazy after she tells him that she had a vision of Anna kissing Faison. Anna is told by the prison guard that she has already been in to see Faison. Robin wants to be released after showing Jerry a vile with the cure in it. Patrick has a flashback involving Robin as Sabrina shows up who sees that he has two tickets for Paris. Jerry wants to know how he can be sure that Robin isn't lying to him. Tracy goes to see Luke again and when he wakes up he tells her that he had a dream involving Helena. Faison is furious with Liesl. Anna is left feeling confused and tells the guard that whoever is with Faison is a fake. The guard tells Anna that she can't see Faison and she wants to speak to his supervisor. After the guard leaves, Anna receives a call from Duke. Duke tells Anna about Olivia's latest vision. Faison wants Liesl to leave but she manages to gain his attention when she mentions his grandson. Sabrina is excited about Patrick's surprise who then explains to her it was a trip that he had planned to take with Robin. Robin learns that Jerry plans to test the cure on somebody else. Liesl fills Faison in on the baby that Britt gave birth too. Anna thinks that it is insane to think that she could ever kiss Faison. Britt sees that she has an e-mail from her mother. Sabrina feels embarrassed after learning the truth about the trip. Robin learns that Jerry plans to give the man just enough of the cure to prove that it is not poisonous but not enough to cure him. Robin wonders who Jerry is planning to test the cure on. Patrick tells Sabrina that he is ready to move on with his life and tells her about the conversation he had with Elizabeth. Britt receives a video of Ben from her mother who tells her that they will soon all be one happy family. Patrick tears up the tickets after telling Sabrina that he wants to plan trips to go on with her. Britt tells Faison her plan. Britt thinks that she knows where her mother has taken Ben. When Jerry shows up with the cure to test on Luke, Tracy hides. Tracy manages to creep up on Jerry from behind armed with a gun and tells him to hansd the cure over. After managing to get her hands on Jerry's phone, Robin attempts to get a signal on it. Britt tells Nikolas that her mother has taken Ben to Faison and admits to him that he is her father. Liesl pus the mask back on and as she attempts to leave she is spotted by Anna. Robin manages to get a signal on the phone and calls Patrick who answers his phone.